I had the chance to meet up with another incredibly talented dancer, Janessa Toole, last weekend. I'd done a shoot with a friend of hers, Madison, a few months ago, which is how Janessa found me. I'd put out a post on Instagram asking for a few ballerina's who'd be interested in a photoshoot, and Janessa jumped on the chance (and I'm SO glad she did!). We wandered around Bunn's Creek park for about two hours, but it definitely didn't feel like it. Time sure goes by so fast when the weather is gorgeous and the model is gorgeous and the photos are looking gorgeous!

Here's what Janessa had to say about her shoot with me:

"Working with Camryn was AWESOME! I have done dance shoots before where I wasn't getting much feedback or direction from the photographer of what they would like to see from the dancer, but with Camryn it was different. She loves anything and everything you do. At points she will just yell out 'ugh amazing' which is awesome to hear. She is definitely someone you want to work with, her pictures are gorgeous. You can tell from ALL of them that she has so much passion for what she is doing. If she asked me to do another photoshoot again, I wouldn't hesitate to say yes. I loved everything and these pictures will last me a lifetime. So for that, thank you so much Camryn!"

Enjoy some of my most favourite images from her session!

Coming soon to the blog - a collab portrait session that I LOVED, a few boudoir sessions and even some portraits of the most adorable little girl! Keep an eye out.