This past week I met up with stunning model Alexa Lester, and a few other talented photographers at the most interesting location! A fellow photographer and friend of mine, Kassie Donaldson, had brought up the idea of going shooting with two other photographers both of us will be second shooting for this summer. So we met up with Cat Panetta (who decided on the awesome location) and Lisa Brezinski to photograph Kassie's gorgeous friend Alexa!

I had such a great time being around such creative people and learning from them. Both Kassie and I are just starting out, so it was nice shooting alongside both Cat and Lisa, and seeing how they work. They're both such hilarious, easy going people. It was so great meeting Cat, and now I'm even more excited to second shoot for Lisa later this summer.

Enjoy some of my favourite images from the shoot!

I also captured some shots of the three other talented photographers I was shooting with - Cat (@essenceofbeing), Kassie (@kassiedonaldson) and Lisa (@lkbphotography)! All three photographers (and Alexa too!) were great company and I hope we can all get together and shoot again sometime in the future!

Keep an eye on my blog to see posts of two boudoir sessions, and even a post featuring photos of an adorable little girl!