Jade ft. Athena

Shooting with Jade is always a pleasure and this time was no different. Although we had a few added guests to this session, Jade's friend Shelby and her snake Athena!

When Jade first brought up the idea of doing a portrait session with a snake, I was completely on board! It was such a creative idea and something I'd never done before. So, we headed out to the Kudlowich Homestead in Birds Hill Park to take some photos of Jade and Athena in the beautiful evening light. And, even though I was terrified of the snake the whole time, the session ended up being really fun and I'm really happy with how the images turned out!

Here's what Jade had to say about her session with Athena:

"This shoot has to be one of my favourites, yet the one I found most difficult. Between mosquitos and working with a live snake it was definitely a challenge. Athena always wanted to move in my arms and explore and I think this definitely showed Camryn's patient side. She was fantastic working and thinking of ideas for Athena and I and was great with giving time to readjust or move if Athena didn't want to cooperate. I'm so thankful to Camryn and to Athena's amazing mom Shelby for helping me make this idea a reality. Camryn, though she doesn't like snakes, even gave Athena a pat on the head at the end of the day. I hope everyone enjoys these images are much as I enjoyed creating them!"

Enjoy some of my favourite photos!

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