Rustic Wedding Barn Wedding | Kayla & Chris

Wedding blog posts are always long ones, there is always so much I want to share. You won't want to miss any part of this post though, I am so proud of these images!

Kayla and Chris' wedding day was nothing short of perfect. The weather was beautiful, the venue was stunning (decorated completely by the couple might I add!), and the people were so kind.

The couple was married in front of family and friends at The Rustic Wedding Barn in Steinbach, where a fun, dance filled reception followed! The entire day felt so relaxed, Kayla and Chris and their wedding party made my job so easy. It's days like these that I'm reminded why I'm so passionate about what I do.

So thank you Kayla and Chris for inviting me into your family for a day. I wish you two - and Parker! - a very happy life!

Enjoy a small choosing of my favourite images from their day!


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